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Best Seller Government in America

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Title : Best Seller Government in America
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Best Seller Government in America

Government in America
By:"George C. Edwards","Martin P. Wattenberg","Robert L. Lineberry"
Published on 2003 by Longman Publishing Group

This Update includes discussions about September 11th, the war on terrorism, and the midterm elections, and includes access to the new Version 2.0. This Update is the Tenth Edition of Government in America with new discussions inserted into the text--without changing the page numbering. It gives students the most current and accurate portrait of their government with the least amount of disruption to instructors, since instructors using the Tenth Edition do not have to change their syllabi to use this Update. The currency of the book will help engage students in the text material and the discussions of September 11th will help to answer their questions about the ways in which the tragedy has impacted our lives and our system. Government in America continues to be a popular and accessible text, featuring a highly lauded politics matters focus that instructors can depend upon to engage students in the study of American government. emphasis on public policy: by emphasizing policy throughout, the authors illustrate to students the ways in which government has a direct impact on their lives and encourage them to see why the course material is so important to study, understand, and participate in.

This Book was ranked 28 by Google Books for keyword Technology in Action Introductory 10th Edition.

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