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Awesome Plays in One Act

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Title : Awesome Plays in One Act
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Awesome Plays in One Act

Plays in One Act
By:"Daniel Halpern"
Published on 1997-06-01 by M J F Books

Man who turned into a stick -- Finding the sun -- On Sundays -- Stops -- Jack Pot Melting: a commerical -- Naomi in the living room -- American Tropical -- Springtime -- Helpless doorknobs -- Life under water -- Four baboons adoring the sun -- The Problem -- The bay at Nice -- Protest -- Am I blue -- Our man in Madras -- Teeth -- Prodigal Son -- She Talks to Beethoven -- Linda Her -- Success -- Medusa's Tale -- Can Can -- A life with No Joy in It -- Chicks -- Prelude and Liebestod -- Camp Cataract -- Waking Women -- The last Yankee -- Tone clusters -- A Bond Honored -- Heatstroke -- Lines Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, Part II -- Cuban Swimmer -- Excerpts from Salve of the Camera -- Pleasure of Detachment -- Boundary -- Placebo -- Tender Offer -- Bye-bye Brevoort -- Chalky White Substance -- Testimonies -- The Moonshot Tape.

This Book was ranked 3 by Google Books for keyword Bye Bye Brevoort.

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