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Best Seller Management, Google eBook

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Title : Best Seller Management, Google eBook
link : Best Seller Management, Google eBook

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Best Seller Management, Google eBook

Management, Google eBook
By:"John R. Schermerhorn","Paul Davidson","David Poole","Alan Simon","Peter Woods","So Ling Chau"
Published on 2012-02-02 by John Wiley & Sons

The fourth edition of this popular text has been throughly updated, continuing its strong emphasis on the importance of the Asian region to contemporary Australian and New Zealand organistations. Many Asian case examples are featured to illustrate key management concepts. Joining the author team for this edition and enhancing this edition's critical analysis of management theory and applications are the best-selling authors from another of Wiley's undergraduate introductory management texts - Management: Core Concepts and Applications, 2nd Australasian edition (Davidson et al.). This new edition also discusses the impact of recent events such as the global financial crisis on the management of organisations, both during the crisis and in its aftermath. Of course, Management, 4th Asia- Pacific edition also retains the features that made it so popular with students and lecturers in the earlier editions: a balanced coverage of small to medium-sized enterprises and larger multinational corporations an emphasis on the need for business activities to be sustainable in terms of preserving the welfare of future generations the Career Readiness Workbook at the end of the book, which includes a range of indiviual and group activities to encourage the practical applications of management theory. Wtih its clear insights into dynamics of management in the workplace of today and the future, Mangement, 4th Asia-Pacific edition provides a sound basis for the contemporary undergraduate study of introductory management.

This Book was ranked 31 by Google Books for keyword Technology in Action Introductory 10th Edition.

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