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Best Motormouth

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Title : Best Motormouth
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Best Motormouth

By:"Zack Spencer"
Published on 2010-12-16 by John Wiley & Sons

Buying a car is a personal choice that has become a more complex decision because of advances in technology, and reliability issues that are haunting some car makers. Many consumers look to Zack Spencer, the host of Driving Television, for straightforward, no-nonsense, expert advice. In Motormouth, you will find out which vehicles are the safest, most reliable, and best value for your hard-earned dollar. In an easy-to-understand format, you will get: Fuel economy ratings Pros and cons for performance, handling, comfort, and ease-of-use Standard safety features J.D. Power Initial Quality and Dependability scores Base warranty information Engine specifications Pricing for base models Reviews of option packages and trim levels Zack's Top Picks for each category Zack provides insider buying tips to help you, whether you are buying privately, off the internet, or making the rounds to different dealers. He also advises you on your decision to lease, purchase or finance. At your fingertips are strategies and lessons learned from people's adventures in car buying, some with happy endings and others not-so-happy. From a fuel-sipping family friendly hauler to a rubber-burning luxury sports car, you can rely on Motormouth 2011 edition for the information you need to make a wise purchase decision. Go prepared and don't get stuck with a lemon. Take Motormouth along for the ride.

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