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Best Seller UWB Communication Systems

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Title : Best Seller UWB Communication Systems
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Best Seller UWB Communication Systems

UWB Communication Systems
By:"Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto"
Published on 2006 by Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Ultrawideband (UWB) communication systems offer an unprecedented opportunityto impact the future communication world. The enormous available bandwidth, the wide scope of the data rate / rangetrade-off, as well as the potential for very low-cost operation leading topervasive usage, all present a unique opportunity for UWB systems to impactthe way people and intelligent machines communicate and interact with theirenvironment. The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the state of the art of UWBsystems from theory to applications. Due to the rapid progress of multidisciplinary UWB research, such an overviewcan only be achieved by combining the areas of expertise of severalscientists in the field. More than 30 leading UWB researchers and practitioners have contributed tothis book covering the major topics relevant to UWB. These topics includeUWB signal processing, UWB channel measurement and modeling, higher-layerprotocol issues, spatial aspects of UWB signaling, UWB regulation andstandardization, implementation issues, and UWB applications as well aspositioning. The book is targeted at advanced academic researchers, wireless designers, and graduate students wishing to greatly enhance their knowledge of allaspects of UWB systems

This Book was ranked 11 by Google Books for keyword Handbook of Ultra Wideband Short Range Sensing.

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