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Best Powerglide Transmission Handbook

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Title : Best Powerglide Transmission Handbook
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Best Powerglide Transmission Handbook

Powerglide Transmission Handbook
By:"Carl H. Munroe"
Published on 2001 by Penguin

Chevrolet produced over 17 million aluminium Powerglides from 1962 through 1973. While never a popular performance transmission during its production run, the Powerglide has become the dominant automatic transmission in modern motorsports. Favored by circle track and drag racers alike, the Powerglide is the transmission of choice of today's racer. You will find Powerglides installed in a wide range of vehicles from street/strip to 'Top Sportsman.' This book is your reference guide to the Powerglide; from a stock rebuild to an all-out race unit, this book covers it all. Subject covered include: * *general transmission service, basic operation, in-car service and repairs *torque converter design and operation *identification *removal, disassembly and inspection *overhauling unit assemblies *final assembly of transmission *the drag racing Powerglide *the circle track racing Powerglide *specification and troubleshooting Whether you are racing or restoring, you'll find the Powerglide Transmission Handbook a master reference for rebuilding, modifying and racing your Powerglide transmission.

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