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Reading Media Studies

Reading Media Studies - Welcome to Books Review, Download and read book Reading Media Studies, We provide this article with amazing book collection for you. Hope meet your need Artikel Media, Artikel Studies, and can see it Clearly. OK, enjoy it.

Title : Reading Media Studies
link : Reading Media Studies

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Reading Media Studies

Media Studies
By:"Intellect Books"
Published on 2013 by Intellect Books

Increasingly, academic communities transcend national boundaries. “Collaboration between researchers across space is clearly increasing, as well as being increasingly sought after,” noted the online magazine Inside Higher Ed in a recent article about research in the social sciences and humanities. Even for those scholars who don't work directly with international colleagues, staying up-to-date and relevant requires keeping up with international currents of thought in one's field. But when one's colleagues span the globe, it's not always easy to keep track of who's who—or what kind of research they're conducting. That's where Intellect's new series comes in. A set of worldwide guides to leading academics—and their work—across the arts and humanities, Who's Who in Research features comprehensive profiles of scholars in the areas of cultural studies, film studies, media studies, performing arts, and visual arts. Who's Who in Research: Media Studies includes concise yet detailed listings include each academic's name, institution, biography, and current research interests, as well as bibliographic information and a list of articles published in Intellect journals. The volumes in the Who's Who in Research series will be updated each year, providing the most current information on the foremost thinkers in academia and making them an invaluable resource for scholars, hiring committees, academic libraries, and would-be collaborators across the arts and humanities.

This Book was ranked 34 by Google Books for keyword technical communication 12th edition.

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