Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review Angel

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Title : Review Angel
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Review Angel

By:"Teri Woods","Anthony Fields"
Published on 2014-02-20 by Teri Woods Publishing, LLC

With a tormenting secret from her past haunting her every step, the once sweet and innocent Kareemah El-Amin’s delicate mind snaps, sending her on a darkened path that will transform her into her deadly alter ego, Angel. With nothing to lose and the world to gain, she embarks on a quest to rule the gritty streets of our nation’s capital, by taking over the rough and rugged D.C. drug trade. Guile, cunning and ruthlessness are her tools, while death, destruction and deception are her trade. Her quest to conquer the shady underworld is brought to a cataclysmic halt by a horrendous act against the one person who brought her any semblance of sanity, her baby sister. With revenge on her mind, Angel sets out on a bloodthirsty quest to avenge the one person in life whom she truly loved. The clock is ticking, the police are on her trail, and a shocking betrayal threatens to send her to prison for life. Will Angel avenge her sister’s shocking torture and manage to escape the clutches of the determined detective Sean Jones? Will she find out who her betrayers are, before it’s too late? Will she get her life together and move on? Or will she suffer the same fate that she has dealt to so many others? The stakes are high, the players are ruthless, and the result of failure is death

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